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Alaska New Hire Class

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mach none

wishin I was on a boat
Jan 5, 2002
The Alaska new hire class for July 8th:

(4) 737-700 SEA

(2) 737-400 SEA

(2) 737-400 LAX

The oldest is 39 and the youngest is 31. 4 Civilian, 2 QX, and 2 Military.
Good info. Do you know if they were all "silver bullets"

Awesome! Question.....If you get a 737, I thought you're qualified in all of the different types of 737's; did the "differences" course go away and this is not true anymore? In a way, it would make life more simple. :)

What you are assigned on day one as far as the 737 goes is strictly an indication as to what sim you will do training in. Ie: you get a 737-700, you will do sim training in the -700, then be given differences training and be qualified in all.

Mach: say "hi" to G.R. from the MT dudes.
big stack of bullets

I heard yesterday that there were about 90 people on the call list right now. I am sure most of them are bullets. There is another stack that was refered to as the "continue to watch" pile. I assume these people will be called after all the bullets have been gone through.
Projected / rumored hiring for this year was 98 pilots, so it is probably a pretty good bet that most will be bullets.
Good luck to all.
To answer the main question; everyone in the class had a silver bullet (internal recommendation). I believe that is all they are calling right now. The VP of Ops said today they have over 15,000 apps right now. WOW!

The company itself is planing on growing 9% this year. That works out to around 100 new hires this year. The growth after that is around 8% each year after that and retirements start kicking in around 04. That means bigger hiring in the near future.

We have the infrastructure in place for an airline twice the size we are now and the plan is to grow into that infrastructure. That is a quote straight from the VP of Flight OPS.

This is a first class operation! It is a good time to come aboard.


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