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alaska info

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Well-known member
Jul 3, 2003

Could someone please verify the spelling of the Cheif Pilot at alaska...I believe it is Paul Mager...also how you spell Heidi's last name from HR...I would greatly appreciate it
If you send a letter and resume with typos, they won't think very highly of you. Why not act like you really care about trying to get the job and put forth your best effort?
Mr Rightrudder.

My post way suppose to make people laugh... all to often on this board people take things way to serious. My first post was a fast typing mistake, the second to make fun of it...As for my resume....it wouldnt have errors after I make sure to have several people look though it to make sure there are no mistakes... As for putting forth the effort...I have found the correct spelling for Mr. Majer. If you can help me out with Heidi's last name, that would be great.

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