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ATA For Now!

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Nov 11, 2004
Anyone have any idea how long it takes from your name appering on the "list" until the call for an interview?

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Are you talking about the list in the pilot mailroom. If so I don't know. I acually haven't seen a new list in there in a while. If there is one I haven't looked hard enough.
Anywhere from 2-6 weeks. As near as I can tell they dont go down the list in order. It has a lot to do with how many poeple (or days) they interview a particular week. Sometimes they interview 2 days a week and sometimes only 1.

They just posted a new list about 3 days ago. It was the first one since Sept 27th. Good Luck! Your gonna love it here!

Hey 500

As far as I can tell, from the list, go to the ever popular Air Ink thingy and have lors.

Most of the folks I have been able to help out have gotten the call for the interview 6-12 months after their stuff has been handed over either to the cp or SG.
Anyone getting interviews at AirTran without having 500 turbine PIC 121? I have 750 hours PIC turbojet from a previous Corporate job combined with a little over 500 hours 121 SIC with my current airline, but that still doesn't meet the minimum qualifications on the website. Just wondering if anyone has been able to get around that. I am a Georgia native and would love to get back home.
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First, meet the minimum hiring requirements. I know that sounds obvious, but with some of the questions I've seen posted about this I thought I'd just come out and say it.
Second, and there is no "correct" path, either have someone you know at AirTran write you an LOR and deliver to HR, or go meet the hiring folks at an Air Inc. conference, or both. The more face time you can get with someone in a position to help you out, the better.
I have two internal rec letters and I am going to the air inc fair on the 12th.
I heard that new hire rec's do not hold any weight, any truth to this?
Two internal recs (both captains) and an AirInc conference. Still waiting. I hear it takes a long time, but well worth the wait. A friend from my upgrade class got hired a couple of months ago and it was like seven months since he last updated his stuff when he got the call.

Anyone know if there is any truth to the rumor if you update your stuff it re-sets your application and you go to the back of the line?
UEJ500 said:
I heard that new hire rec's do not hold any weight, any truth to this?

Not true. It obviously has a lot to do with your background and previous flight experience. The people in my class had their stuff in anywhere from 1 year to 2 months, so it might be luck of the draw. But I know of at least 3 people in my class that put a LOR in and got their buddies name on the list while we were still in training. Not saying that it always works like this, some may take longer than others, so dont worry. Stephanie is really cool and she is there at the training center a couple times a week and talks to everyone, including the new hires. She has a great memory, almost always knows who you are by name. She even told us on the first day of class "if we have anyone we would like to recommend, get her a resume." If you show enough dedication, you will get the call.

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