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Airtran vs ExecJet?

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Jan 13, 2002
Was wondering if anyone had thoughts about which would be a better or more stable job. I was hired last fall by ExecJet and have been impressed with the company so far. I recently got a call from Airtran for an interview and was wondering where I would be better off. On a side note I was with ValuJet and was furloughed after the Everglades crash and never went back. My mistake! I do have a lot of friends over at Airtran and know that I would enjoy the job but at this point I am looking for security the most. Any ideas?
Having come from Valujet and Airtran being Valujet, wouldn't you have a better idea than anyone else of what it would be like to work there???????
Come on P.B. if you can't see the benefits of working at one verses the other, then my friend you spent way too many nights awake! But then again I know you were sleeping on those nights you were suppose to be awake.;) ;)
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I have had alot of friends go to both companies and all are happy. I have only heard of one person who did not like Airtran. As far as stability I think right now your choice would have to be execjet. They would be the most stable, fractionals have been in a severe growth mode and the pay and over all treatment there is excellent. The airlines will always be the airlines, unstable and always a risky investment. There are guys with US Airways for example with 12+ years that are going on furlough, that sucks and is BS if you ask me. It's your choich and I'm sure you will make the best one for you. From what I hear Airtran is not the same as it was in the old Valujet days, for what its worth. Good Luck!
The answer seems pretty simple to me- go to the interview, and ask them some honest questions.- what have you got to lose?

I just finished up training at FL, and am **CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED** glad to be here. No job is perfect, but this is definitely the right place at the right time. Upgrades are going to be fast and furious- looking at 12-18 months, depending upon who you ask. 2 new B717's a month and looking at going from 700 pilots to 1000 by the end of the year.

It has its warts, but I'd rather have our warts than EJA's warts.

Good Luck

PS., EJA was my backup plan if AirTran didn't work out (in light of 9/11).
I can assure you that anyone who says todays AirTran is nothing but ValuJet has no idea what he/she is talking about.

New management, new aircraft, new pilot contract (pay, benifits, retirement, etc) new markets, new pilots for that matter. Asside from the old diesel -9's, everything different.

Pilot moral has never been higher.

Happy Flying.
While I would be happy to help, fact is I interviewed back in the beginning of the summer, and I don't have current info regdg the actual interview process. I am sure that someone on thiis board can help if you post a request-

As far as getting the interview goes- Jill N., the person who handles the interview process, told our class that they have over 5000 resumes on hand, which is a pretty unwieldy number for a company our size. She said that they are relying heavily on pilot referrals right now. Your best bet is to get someone, anyone, to hand in your stuff with their name and employee number on it, and then have them call and follow up.

They seem to like 121 command time, be it in t-props or jets, and glass is a big plus. Don't know what competitive times are, I would say that if you have DO328 PIC time, you should be fine. If you don't knwo anyone, the squeaky wheel tends to get the grease- fax, mail and e-mail frequently . . . . . . Meet crews, ask around. i don't think that they have to have flown with you, just something to put yours in the short stack.

Good Luck

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