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AirTran in talks with Airbus

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Well-known member
Nov 27, 2001
The rumor was just confirmed by our union.

Klaus Gorsch, VP of Flt Ops, is in Europe talking with Airbus. Some think management is trying to twist Boeings arm for some cheap 737's.

Personally I'd be suprised to see anything Airbus on the property with Boeing as heavly invested in AirTran as it is.
:cool: I would like to see B757 or B737-800 at concourse C That would be better than Airbus since Boeing has alot in us right now.
You will see a B737-800 at concourse C in about 3 weeks, it was on our bid sheets.Done deal. I agree with the above, you guys are getting B737-800's but they are checking out Airbus just to make sure. Personally for Airtran the 738 is perfect, you can make non-stop ATL-LAX with 174 pax and land with about 5K on the fuel, or 12,000 pounds. There are a lot of cheap( if you want to call 150,000 per month cheap) leases out there right now.
turbos7, what is the seating configuration on your -800's? Just wondering how many seats we could run if we had 12 or 16 business class seats.
Although 757's would be great, I'm fairly sure the 737-800 is going to be our best priced deal out there- and they're shopping for new or at least young airplanes.
When we do contract work in Europe we have the aircraft in 189 seat configuration. The Brits don't seem to mind, they are going on holiday. We have ours in 174 seat configuration no first class. I heard from a bird on the wall that we are going to configure the airplane with a first class for you guys( we have authorization from the FAA to do all kinds of configurations) My guess is that you would have 12 to 16 first class with 130 to 140 in the back. I have about 1000 hours in the 737-800 now and it would be a dynamite airplane for your type operation. I wish that we had 757 as we do a lot of long haul flights and we have to still make a fuel stop to get to Europe from the U.S. I call it the Voltswagon, cause that is what it is. Reliable and cheap to operate. I didn't bid Airtran stuff for personal reasons, it is just FLL-ATL-FLL anyway, maybe I'll pick some of it up on my days off. My guess is that you guys will use us as a stepping stone to getting your own. All that is left is a security and ground handling training for your people. Part of the deal is we give you all the numbers so they can use the airplane for analyis.
Is that Miami Air that will be doing that -800 flying? If it is, then they were here a bunch this summer with the -800 and 727's. Also saw Trans-Meridian on AirTran gates a bunch.

Sounds like the AirTran guys have the same problem we do at ASA-

It's my understanding that the only 73-800's you'll see on concourse C will be Miami Air's planes. At least for the time being. I heard that there won't be any new types of planes till next year.
We fly for everyone, AA,Airtran, Suriname Airways, Bahamasair, etc. etc. Your scope stuff doesn't work very well when you write something up and ground and airplane and go home. The people have to move and if you don't have the equipment you call a charter operator. Once your equipment is on line, or your training is done we disappear, this has nothing to do with scope.

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