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AirTran Hiring

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Fall '09 hiring isn't looking too good at this point.
I don't think the two airplanes every left the Boeing facility in Seattle. Arik Air (Nigeria) couldn't come up with the financing so we are going to take the airplanes. At 10-11 pilots per airplane, we probably could use another 20-25 pilots (and 10-15 upgrades) for the summer schedule in 2010 with 138 aircraft on property unless the company wants to try to stretch through the summer without hiring.
Airtran will be hiring. They are taking over the flying for apple vacations. US3000 airlines pilots are being furloughed. Airline has 50 pilots left and Airtran is moving in to take the flying away from us3000 airlines.

Savage...there is a Hustler in the LoneStar Air Museum in TX. Awesome plane.

Yes, that one is a TB-58A trainer displayed at Galveston (known as "Wild Child"), one of only 11 TB's built.

It was a far reaching design for its day but demanding to fly, as 24 of the 97 aircraft were lost in accidents. Some of the losses were due to high altitude/high speed upsets, flight control problems, or take-off/landing accidents (crosswinds were difficult due to the delta wing configuration).

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