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Airtran has reached a tentative agreement!!

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Sure beats working...
Jan 9, 2007
As of 2am today, AirTran and its management have reached a tentative agreement. Pending further careful review of language, blah blah blah. Great news, now let's wait for the details...
Wow!, another sign of the impending apocalypse, we have a T.A.! Looks like the Mayans were right.......
Was there any doubt there would be an agreement? Why would the company not agree to a contract? What do they have to lose? Anything they agree too would be less than what they will get with SWA. That is why there is a snap shot of what they had at the time of the sale. There is no reason the Airtran management would not agree.

Hell, Airtran already got a 3% raise with SWA and they are not even there yet. It is probably more than what they just agreed too.
Yes, thank you to my new Lords and Masters at Love Field.

Your faithful and loyal servant

That sounded AWESOME. I can't wait to hear you say that in person!


p.s. Seriously, congrats. It's been a long 5 years and will make your contract more bearable for the next 2 years before you get "our" contract.
Well, t'anks fer nuttin'

You're welcome. :laugh:


We were actually on track to getting a better AT contract for ourselves before the merger was announced.

98% of the pilots had authorized a strike, and time was running out for mgmnt. Pilots were ready to request being released, and the next event was the Strike Center opening.

Once the SWA news broke, many pilots were willing to settle for less "because it's only until the transition to SWA".

So, to quote a line from Caddyshack, "Well, t'anks fer nuttin', Noonan". :laugh:
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Speak for yourself. I'm not willing to settle for less. If we don't get Alaska pay rates Im voting no. Who the hell knows when or if the SW deal will go through. There could be another Ice Age coming or every volacano on the planet could erupt all at the same time. I mean we did get a TA from BMT hell must be freezing over.
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