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AirTran...getting in the door

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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
Been updating the last few months, via their website email. Any other way to help get noticed for an interview? 7500tt, 4000jet, 1100 jet pic, 4 yr, etc...

Get someobody in the company to walk your resume into the D.O., chief pilot or HR. Works like a charm.

If you don't know anyone there and you have jumpseat privleges spend a day jumping with them and meeting the crews. Have a resume with you, eventually you'll find someone who'll walk it in for you.
I'm taking you guys on Sunday Buf-Atl-Dfw. Would it be appropriate to ask the flight crew? I take a couple of copies in envelops with me.

Don't have access to the JS.

I’ve read an interview with the AirTran pilot recruiter. It was published e on one of the major aviation web sites. I do remember the recruiter said that when they go to aviation job fairs, that the people they talk with in person do get interviewed before others. It was a three-part article, very informative.

Bottom line:
1 inside referrals interviewed first
2 job fair attendees they talk with face to face interviewed next
3 then everybody else

In today’s market with the current competition, I bet they never get to the third group.
Sorry can’t find the link, but it is the site with the comprehensive list/status of airline furloughs.

NOTE I’m not trying to sell the job fairs, I’ve never been to one.

Good Luck,

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