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Airtran Airways posts Record Net Quarterly Earnings

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It's most unfortunate for me isn't it and the rest of the UAL pilots...I think I must have hit a nerve w/ you and find it ironic you would spend so much time spewing your bitter hatred at me but that's okay...See you in the jumpseat soon!

In 15 years of 121 flying.... I have never (not once) ever jumpseated on UAL. UAL doesn't fly direct for my commute. Nice veiled threat BOZO....lol!

It IS unfortunate for YOU and all UAL Pilots. NOT my point. My point is quite clear here to your dumazz.

You are the prototypical FI hypocrite that spews all your hatred at everyone around you, and I merely point out that YOU are NOT one to talk about anything to anyone.... especially AirTran Pilots.

You are exactly everything you claim to hate, and THAT is priceless......LMFAO!

Broke bitter and stupid..... keep up the good work "G"!
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