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Airplane gone down

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Dec 1, 2001
Does anyone know how to find out information about downed airplanes that don't make it on the news?

I was flying this morning from Nassau, Bahamas (MYNN)to Opa-Locka, FL(KOPF); while enroute I was asked by center to monitor 121.5 cause a single engine airplane in my area was going down in the ocean.

To make a long story short I arrived 30 seconds after splash down and orbitted until a Navy P-3 and a Coast Guard DA-20 showed up. I didn't see anyone get out, but I am curious if they people on board survived.

How can I find out this info.

God bless the two souls on board.

There are two good ways to follow incidents and accidents. The first is: http://www.faa.gov/avr/aai/iirform.htm This is an FAA site which gives preliminary accident/incident reports reported in the previous 10 days.

The second is:

This is the NTSB website, you can look at accident reports all the way back to 1988 (I think it's '88)

As usual these are government sites, so they are not updated over the weekend.

Good luck
I would think that you could call the Coast Guard and ask them. Tell them you were the pilot that was circling the downed plane until their guys showed up. I could be wroing, but I don't see why they wouldn't tell you how the pilot and passengers faired. Let us know if you find anything out, i'm curious.
Plane crash

Quick update:

Just got back from my morning run and found out from center that the two souls on board the airplane that went down yesterday were found and resuced.

One person was found in good condition and the other had minor injuries. That just made my day!

Thank god!


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