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Airnet Jumpseat agreements

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SWA (belive it or not, but those guys fly with us a lot!)

Most of the comuters

Those are the ones I remember, however if I need to jumpseat I try my best to make it work on our own system. Sooooooooooo much easier!
Southwest, Northwest, Frontier, Airtran, JetBlue, most of the regionals that I can think of (except Expressjet?) as well as a bunch of randoms - i.e. Champion Air - I still haven't gotten to ride anywhere with the Pacers yet!

Southwest is definitely the nicest and easiest!
Allegiant Air

We signed an agreement with them last spring.
there is a list of 27 i believe, basically if you want to get somewhere it isn't a problem, unless it is delta or delta connection they treat you like a homeless guy begging for food.

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