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Airnet for the tall?

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Active member
Dec 4, 2001
Couple of questions about Airnet.

Seems pretty popular for discussion, and most of their pilots/ex-pilots seemed pretty happy with them.

Pay/Beni's,MX and general working conditions seem to be reported above average.

Whats the scoop with the SIC program in the Barons? Good, Bad, Indifferent. What's the competition?

I've read the site, so I know the basics (pay, etc) but I'm interested in the stuff they don't advertise. Looking to use it as a way up to the Fractionals (Long term goal)

Currently at 850 hours TT

Also concerned about the aircraft and my size. Tall/skinny (6'8"/200lb) I squeeze into the Bonanza/Baron, Most Cessna's 172 and greater, and all the Pipers PA28 and greater (I don't know about Navajo, but I expect no problem). Probably not the Aerostar. How 'bout the Lear? That one I don't know. I expect its tight too.

I met a couple of guys flying Herb Kelleher around last spring, in a Lear. The FO was about 6'3", and when I asked, he said it was tight.

I'm under 6 foot, and I have to bend over to make it up to the front of the Navajo.

You're right about the Aerostar: I've banged my head during turbulence.

I guess you'll just grin and bear it 'till you make it to the King Air.

Or the Big Iron......:)
Being tall will make it difficult, but not impossible. I would suggest trying to fly the 310 or the cheiftain. They definately have the most room. The cheiftain will be the easiest to get into because of the pilots side cockpit door, but the 310 is so big inside that entry is pretty easy also.

As far as the lear goes, well it is pretty small. Getting in is kind of precarious with the front seats being so close together and the lack of head room for squeezing in. As long as you are the first one in it isn't too bad, but if you are second, you need to have no fear of body parts bumping or brushing you.
6'8" !!

Hehe you'll be lucky if you can move the yoke! ;)

I'm only 5' 10" and the Lear was definitely NOT a "comfortable ride." (Except in the back--nice back there) :)

Getting in and out will be difficult, but possible. A bigger concern will be whether you can sit in that position for 2-3 hours. Luckily you don't often usually fly long legs in the smaller Lears, but if you have any old knee or back injuries that bother you, that could be a big factor.

That said, it's a really fun airplane, so if you can stand being cramped up for a couple of hours...
6 foot 8 inches - OUCH!!

I am 6'1" and 200 lbs and the lear is sort of tight for me. I recomend you come out to an airport some early AM and ask to sit in the lear. You are more than welcome to ask a Bankair pilot am I'm sure he will let you. I bet Airnet is the same. Do ask them to take the seat back off for you. Most of them are velcroed on and this will give you another 2 inches of knee room. Also ask them to put the seat as low as it will go so you can get a accurate assessment if you can do it. As said above most of the legs are one hour long. A few 1 1/2 and very few 2 hours long. Wish you luck. If you fly one they are so much fun you might even forget your pain.

Hey bro... I'm 6'7" 230 lbs. Start charging pay-per-view fee of people watching you get in and out of aircraft. I actually folded myself in a Lear 35 at Ameriflight, and it was a little less than full-on comfortable. Didn't get to fly it though. I flew a Chieftain and that was OK.. Once you get into the regional world.. I don't know about other aircraft, but I can tell you in a Dash 8, if I push the pedals all the way forward, and seat all the way back, I can lock my knees straight. Tons of room..

Enjoy the joys of being a super tall pilot.

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