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Airlines with corp flight dep'ts

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Mar 27, 2002
I know FedEx has at least a Challenger based out of Memphis. Does UPS have a similar corporate operation? Do any other airlines?

At FedEx Corp., who flies the corp a/c? Are they FedEx pilots that bid, if so does it go senior? Can you swap between corporate and mainline? Any information about these operations would be great.

The corporate guys are a separate list from the mainline pilots. I'm not sure what their requirements are or even how to get in contact with them. I'm a sure you would have to know someone to get on with them. I know I'm not much help but good luck to ya.

FedEx Corporate Flight Department


Some simple research:

FedEx Corporate Aviation
2461 Democrat Rd., Hgr. 20
Memphis, TN 38118-2890
901-397-0000 Voice
901-397-0031 Fax
Ronald McCarter Managing Director
901-397-0011 Voice
901-397-0031 Fax
Kirby Woehst Chief Pilot

3ea CL601's
4ea LR45's

This is from the NBAA directory 2001, things may have changed.

Hard to get on

It is very important to know somebody at fedex corporate. I sent them a resume and update and have not heard a reply. Rumor is that they will be hiring a couple pilots this spring. Fedex bought a company in Harison, AK called American Freightways. They had a flight dept that consisted of two C525 CJ's. Fedex sold the CJ's and replaced them with Lear 45 and kept the pilots that were employed by freightways. The starting pay and schedule are good. Pilots must fly corporate for 3 years before they can get a seniority number. Most pilots prefere to stay in corporate because of the schedule and good pay. The chief pilots name is Paul Meyer, the address above is correct. I spoke to Mr. Meyer on the phone and they get a lot of resume's. I am sure they prefere lear jet or challeger type rated pilots. I was told the interview is the same as the rest of the company. Good luck.......
Awesome! I really appreciate the info. Is the NBAA directory something a library would have or is it a "you gotta know someone to see it" type of item?


You have to be a member...I want to say it's $250 a year. As you can see this info can change so its wise to make a few phone calls and find out who's who.

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