Airlines for America Commends Bipartisan Effort for Answers on Abu Dhabi Agreement


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Feb 24, 2004
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1. Not when those State sponsored carriers are Circumventing US labor laws. Can Delta pay third world ramp workers from Pakistan $5/day? Can United tell flight attendants they're done flying at 27 thus keeping the FA pool younger and paid less? How's that pilots union working out at Emirates, Qatar, etc.? Feel like you'll be ok if you happen to have a bad day? Management got your back since there is no union? Gonna get that upgrade in seniority order?

2. Let's not forget major ($160 billion) aircraft purchases with gov't money, which is then FINANCED with US taxpayer dollars, at interest rates US carriers can't get.

3. I could go on, but what you postulate is an assembly line worker moving to China to do the same job, taking his job and the industry with him, then wondering why all his old friends back home hate him.

1. US labor laws are complied with for employees in the USA. Why should anyone comply with US labor laws in countries other than the US....that's stupid and shortsighted. The US is not the only country on the globe.

Delta does pay third world rampers $5 a day when they are loading/unloading in Dubai and many other countries. Maybe if they want to take advantage of low labor wages they should hub out of Mexico.

2. Legal purchases that were approved by the US government. Get mad at the right people.....the elected policymakers.

3. Do you have a the airline industry healthy in the US? Does the sky fall much at your house....sounds like it. If you look at the history of the aviation industry since deregulation there are highs and has nothing to do with pilots going to foreign carriers.