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Aircraft sale/lease/scrap values.


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Dec 15, 2001
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Hello gentlemen.........I know of no other venue to ask this question so here goes.

Could someone please PM or email me a link to various aircraft sales/lease/scrap values. I am involved in a long term complex graduate paper at Embry-Riddle on the aftereffects of 9/11 on aircraft sales/lease and scrap values of commercial aircraft.

Example--- the sales cost vs. lease rates of dozens of B-747-400, MD-11, Airbus A-300/320/340 aircraft, Fokker-100, new modern aircraft parked in the desert, etc before and after 9/11 ???

What is the current resale/lease rates of passenger and cargo B-727-100 and 200 series, B-737 all series, DC-8-60-70 series, DC-9-MD-80 all series and DC-10-MD-11 all series aircraft --- before and after 9/11??

What is the scrap value of all these aircraft;--- jet engines, aircraft parts, airframes, etc, after 9/11???

If anyone can assist it will be most appreciated. PM or email at--------transinv@att.net



Mar 24, 2002
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apx 7k
You might go to pprune.com there seems to be alot of management sorts there that love to talk about money stuff.
I would be interested in any comparisons you find especially 747-100, 200 vs the 400.
good luck