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Aircraft Doors/Exits

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Well-known member
Nov 28, 2005
Can you get a fine for leaveing the doors/exits to your aircraft unlocked on a ramp (closed but ulocked). I know there is a fine for leaving it open and unattended, but Im bot sure about closed unlocked?
Enlighten me please. Where can a fine be had for leaving the aircraft open an unattended? Is this local, state, or federal? Thanks.
BWI and Massport (BED, BOX, etc.) have these rules. I doubt that anyone will check that your door is locked if its closed, but the fines are upwards of $5000 at some of these airports for leaving the doors open and unattended. Not sure of the exact rules.
It passes the Common Sense test to me, these days, to lock the doors unless I am very close by and watching. It takes all of 10 seconds and would look Very Bad in the news that night if something happened, so why not.
I left my door unlocked while waiting for pax at tetorboro and nothing happened to me...
wait they send you a bill for landing 2 weeks after you land... oh wait that is just how they do their landing fee's... Our accountants love TEB for that (and other random airports that decide not to just have the FBO charge the fee)
Most of the A/C I fly the doors don't have locks on them, so no I don't lock my door.

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