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Airbus Experience @jetBlue vs TotalTime

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Nov 30, 2001
Just wondering how I might stack up with other JB applicants. My total time is close to 14000. Lots of turbo prop time PIC : (Saab), and 1500hrs of jet PIC time in ERJ's with a stable 15 year career with a regional airline.

Compare this to the 6000 hour pilot with Airbus experience. Who would be more likely to be called? Do they use a computer with a point system for different experiences?
Do they still call those applicates with best experience first?

Kjet, I have similar times to your except it's mostly large airline jet, with an A320 type and 75 hours in type and climbing. I applied in May so we may get an answer to your question.
Just looking at the situation from the outside. You both would get the call. The higher time guy probably first. That would depend on the number of recommendation that each person has.

Then it comes down to attitude as you all know.

Just my worthless two cents worth.
According to what I've heard, recommendations have no bearing on getting an interview at JB; has this changed?
reepicheep and Kjet,

you are both qualified and your time is in line with those being called for interview. We do use the computer to pull applications for possible interview. Our flight department then looks those apps over and makes the final desicion on who to invite. I don't believe recommendations make much of a difference. I don't know the details of the entire process, but based on the July class of new hires, I would expect you both to get an invite. Make sure you update your app as appropriate and remember, the essay portion of the application is very important.

Good Luck.

BTW, the "good ole boy network" doesn't work here so everyone has an equal opportunity.
Unless it has change dramatically, there should be a box instructing you to "tell us about your most shining moment". I haven't looked at the "new" app, so if it is not there, please accept my appologies.

Sorry folks,

Forget about the essay portion. I just looked and see that it isn't present anymore. Sorry for the confusion.
I went back and looked also and just found a box where I had to write why I wanted to work at JB. I have a July 16 interview but I've been on the road and havn't opened by preinterview package at home yet. I was called July 2 and I sent in my app on June 3. I wrote a shinning moment essay anyway last night. It kept me busy on the flight to SEA. Any suggestions on interview attire? I havn't done this in 15 years.
Though it might not work for you, there was a guy that had his baggage lost by an airline other than JB and showed up at the interview in jeans and a T-shirt. Guess what? He got hired. It's a true story as I personally met the gentleman. I went through over a year ago and from what I hear, the dress is the same for all the other interviews. Professional and businesslike. Not flashy and gaudy. I say that because I heard that we recently had a interviewee that wore a leisure suit. You know, one from back in the 70's. He's still looking for a job. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a PM.

Take care and good luck.

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