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Air Wiskey or Xjet,, serious responses would be great

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What a lot of outsiders do not understand is how connected the two companies are. CAL has a vested interest to see XJT succeed.

These same outsiders are the ones watching Delta come after their own with the raping of ComAir. As well as Northwest come after XJ even though plenty of NW big wigs are allegedly XJ stockholders.

Managements idea of success is a whole lot different than a line pilots.

Time will tell but it's funny to see how many guys around here are just begging for the chance to tell us "I told you so."

There may be a few guys on here like that, but I think most of the responses that aren't going along with the "it'll be alright" theme are just pointing out the possiblities for others that don't have all thier money riding on CoEx yet. This business sucks in that once you pick your horse your pretty much stuck with it. For better or for worse...or for when you finally have had enough and say "F this" I'm done. I guarantee 6 months ago the pilots at ComAir and XJ would have never seen this coming. Once again...CAL may want CoEx to succeed, but is that a guarantee it will be good for you? I hope it is, good luck.
Britpilot said:
Certainly....Clear as mud now is'nt it?

Thanks for taking the time. I wish I could forcast the future, as Im sure we all wish. Again this is a company that I am pursuing however you always wonder. Like the rest of you I am trying to play the game with the information and opportunities I have. XJET has always been on my list...but Id be lying if I said the information I have now doesnt make me nervous about heading that direction. :(

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