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Air Wisconsin hiring?

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Well-known member
May 12, 2002
We had an Air Wis jumpseater today. I asked him when they would be hiring. He thought probably June or July.
Anyone else have an educated guess on this.
Also, are the employees of Air Wis happy? How much seniority is normal for upgrade to captain?

I would say June or July is way too optimistic. I would guess that we will need more pilots on the line by 1st Qrtr 2003, so perhaps hiring as early as fall 2002. But it's hard to guess. Like most airlines we may have to begin cancelling flights due to crew shortages before managment recognizes the need to hire.

I'm a happy employee, and most pilots I know are happy.

Upgrade when we start hiring will likely run at least 2 years - but that's also a guess.
That AWAC jumpseater couldn't be anymore ignorant. Unbeknownest to the jumperseater...we still have 39 pilots on furlough from Air Wisconsin. The most recent guess that the furlough comitee has posted was sometime this summer for a recall. That was for the first 20 (approximately) of the 39. AWAC can't hire anybody until they have issued recall letters to all 39, trained those that decide to come back, and have a need for more pilots. I think Beer 'n Brauts is pretty much on the nuts with an early 2003 hiring possibility. Of course we may still be on furlough so who knows.

"I used to be apathetic, now I just don't care" an unmotivated anonymous author.

Beer&Brauts who are you? From your post you are not a pilot
at AWAC, your post has a lot of incorrect information.
Until we get the furloughed pilots back on line there will be no hiring.

CL65 Capt
I am a pilot at Air Wisconsin. My post, as I made it abundantly clear, is pure speculation and contains no facts. I'm quite aware of the furlough situation, and my guess as to hiring takes this into account.

Herb asked for a guess as to when we would begin hiring, and I provided him a guess. If you have a more educated guess then please provide it.

328 CAPT

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