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Air Wisconsin hiring?

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No time soon...

We still have 40 on furlough, hope to have them back by fall. My best guess is sometime 4th quarter 2002, but that is only a guess!
I talked to Meg in recruitment as I was dropping off my resume for a Crew Scheduling position last Friday. She said the earliest they were planning to hire again was September. Everything is subject to change, however.
I've heard that you guys have 40 on furlough, have begun transferring Doorknobs to PSA, are to begin returning the Bac's as the leases expire-three this year I think. I suspect the reason for all of this lies with my favorite furlougher, United Airlines, and their brilliant narrowbody scope violation move. Are the pilots getting dispaced from the Doorknob and the Bac enough to cover your scheduled CRJ deliveries or have you guys heard something concrete about reduced deliveries? Since, you guys heard about taking over the Shuttle routes out of LA well before we were notified, I figure you'll be the first to know what happens with our scope situation as well. Everything seems a little too quiet on the UAL/Skywest/Air Wis/ACA front lately, I get the feeling something big is brewing. In the words of Richard Pryor, "...... and it's deep too!"
We actually have an order for 78 A319 aircraft... JK!

We don't know much. We are still getting the RJs on schedule but where those RJs flying is unknown (UAL probably hasn't even decided yet).

No one is getting displaced per say, but 328 FO's have been going to right seat on the RJ without the usual freeze.

Thanks for the info, do you know what the delivery schedule for your new CRJ's was supposed to be? If they don't plan on recalling until Sep, seems like something's up with them.
I talked to a CRJ captain the other day. They are a bit short on the CRJ for FOs right now but that is just because of a small backup in training transitioning the D328 FOs over. Your info about the Bac and 328s is correct.

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