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Air France Crash Photo's

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Nov 26, 2001
I was shown photos this weekend by a pilot I was flying with. It was from a digital camera supposedly taken inside the Air France airplane as it was coming apart over the S. Atlantic. He was not sure of their origin, but the pilots at his airline were circulating them. The picture showed the top of the fuselage missing, the pax with their drop down O2 masks on, and in one photo a body being sucked out of the airframe. The pictures were fuzzy, but graphic. Anyone else seen or heard of these photos? Can they be verified as authentic?

So the authorities recovered a digital camera in the middle of the Atlantic?

And as the plane was "supposedly" coming apart inflight, the owner had the wherewithal to snap off some pictures moments before their life was about to end?

With so many people carrying camera phones and regular cameras I surely wouldn't be surprised. If it is true that would be a big help to trying to solve what happened.

From what the news said, the bodies recovered showed signs of a in-flight breakup.
You guys are being suckered by screencaps of the movie "Final Destination" and "Lost"

These floated around a few years back......
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Well I think we all found it hard to believe. But in this digital age you just never, never know whats real and what isn't.
I think the first clue that these photos are not from Air France is that it is daytime in the photos. Air France crashed sometime around 2200.
"incredibly gullible"


adjective 1. so extraordinary as to seem impossible:


–adjective. easily deceived or cheated.
Thanks for all the answers, I think we can draw the conclusion they are not real. I will let my buddy know what I found out. He doesn't know about FI

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