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aicraft nicknames!!!!

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Well-known member
Jul 10, 2002
Ok, jump-startin a new thread. Some of these I pulled from other threads, so i didn't come up with em. Here we go:

* B-52 -> BUFF: big ugly fat f*****r
* Metro-> San Antonio Sewer Pipe
* Trislander -> Puerto Rican DC-10 (hilarious)
* Skyvan -> RV with wings
* Cessna 152 -> friend of mine calls em "flying a$$hole" cause everybody's got one.
* ERJ-145 -> Jungle Jet
* Global Express -> Global Espresso

ok, any more? they don't have to be "official", come up with your own...

this is great learning... :)
seminole-semenhole aka ground luvin truck
DA-20 Katana: Plastic Casket, Death Egg, Katrauma
C-337: Mixmaster
V series Bonanzas: Fork-tailed doctor killer
Dornier jets: Dojets
Saab 340: Slaab
ATR: French made POS
down in Brazil they called the old Beech C-45s the "Kills Seven" - as in seven pax.
I call Apache's:

Scare apache. They can be scary. Also the flyin potato.
Boeing 727= The Boeing "Converter"

(it takes Jet A and converts it in to smoke and noise)

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