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AH 64A/D Job

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Serving for the USofA
Dec 5, 2001
I am looking for an AH64A/D IP/MP or an AH64A/D IP willing to go to the flight portion of the MP course. You will also need to get your CFI/CFII once you complete the MP course. We need someone ASAP to fill this position at Ft Rucker with the maintenance contactor. This is a Stand Pilot Position and pays very well. PM me if you are interested and I will get you a FAX number for the resume.

Relative to what?
It is a contractor position.
Pistlpetet said:
Ahhhh...What one personally thinks is good money to live in nowhere Alabama.

Funny...nowhere Alabama...like it...just about any money is good money there..The DAC's that are making $100K and more are living like kings there...but that's the deal..YOU HAVE TO LIVE IN ALABAMA!!! No thanks!

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