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Age 65 Part 135 and ICAO

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Jun 14, 2003
Can a FAA licensed pilot, who is over age 65, fly as a First Officer, commercially, under FAR Part 135, Internationally?

Is there anything under the FAR's that prohibit it?

Is there anything under ICAO that prohibits it?

The law is more clear under Part 121 but 135 seems lacking in definition.

Thank you
i think there was a lot of talk on this on the boards recently......... the take i got was.............. it is all considered commercial flying by icao. therefore, you can serve as a first officer over 65 but not as a captain

We were Part 121 and we had over 65 guys flying both to Mexico and Canada.
Note: Our Cert was Part 121, but we had Falcon 20s, and the FAA allowed them to operate under Part 135 rules.

great lakes saw that list ...........not that interested .....:) luckily i have a ways to go for that............ besides i am sure it will be changed again

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