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Age 60- deep thoughts by Jack Handy

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"Whenever I see an old lady slip and fall on a wet sidewalk, my first instinct is to laugh. But then I think, what is I was an ant, and she fell on me. Then it wouldn't seem quite so funny."
--Jack Handy
When we were flying formation and had to use these dumb call signs, I thought, wow they should really let us use "dude" as a call sign. Then you could say "Dude, Knock It Off!" , or "Dude Breakout!" Either way you would sound pretty cool!

P.S. What this has to do with Age 60 I know not...:laugh:
It takes a big man to cry, but it takes a bigger man to laugh at that man.

-Jack Handy
Don't quite know what you're getting at but, I love the Avatar........one of my favorite movies. 100% pure adrenaline, some people shoot it, snort it, all you have to do is jump. :D
"The crows are calling my name", thought Caw.

-Jack Handy
Why do people in ship mutinies always ask for "better treatment"? I'd ask for a pinball machine, because with all that rocking back and forth you'd probably be able to get a lot of free games.

--Jack Handy

(once again, nothing about age 60, but still funny)
"I say, if you drop you car keys in a pool of molten lava, let em go. Cause man..... they're gone"

-Jack Handy
Probably the earliest fly swatters were nothing more than some sort of striking surface attached to the end of a long stick.

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