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Advice on starting a jumpseat agreement

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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
OK, I talked to the higher ups at my 135 company and have been given the green light to try to get jumpseat agreements with 121 airlines. I've never dealt with this and I don't know where to start! My question is, how do you go about getting an agreement with other airlines? Who do I need to talk to? I've heard there is a National Jumpseating Conference this Feb. 4th. Does anyone know where it is going to be and maybe some contact numbers or a website? I know there are other 135 companies out there with jumpseat agreements, so I know it's possible. I would really appreciate any advice you guys/gals could give me. You can post on this thread or PM me if you like.

Thanks a million!!!!
In order for your company to obtain a jumpseat agreement with an airline, you must be able to reciprocate, i.e., return the favor. Your company must be willing to prove that an agreement will bennefit both parties, not just yours. It helps if you can provide some type of schedule or scope of operation as well as routes commonly flown. You'll also have to agree to transport the commuting pilots in an empty seat even when paying passengers are on board, just like the airlines do. I know that some 135 operators have jumpseat agreements with airlines, but they are few and far between. Some other things to consider are: does your company do background checks on all of its pilots, do they have a dispatch office that can be reached 24 hours, are identification badges issued to each pilot? The first point of contact with an airline would most probably be the VP of Flight Operations or the Sytem Chief Pilot. I'd imagine that the events of 9/11 have placed extra scrutiny on new jumpseat agreements. Good Luck.
Along with PT's comments, contact the ALPA or other Union office for the JS coordinator's e-mail or phone numbers.

Not to burst your bubble, but traditionally, as PT said there has to be a reciprocating value to the agreements. In the past, few if any 135 operators, fit this initial criteria.

Also, I believe post 9-11 changed other FAA and company issues as well for 135.

Although it never hurts to ask, our policy is very strict now (as I believe most 121 carriers) regards to JS'g.
Quite a few 135 Cargo operators have jumpseat agreements, however, 9/11 did change things a bit. I know Ameriflight lost some of their jumpseat privileges, how are things faring at Airnet, Starchkr?
Our list has changed a bit, we lost about 20 carriers, but we retained about 30.

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