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Addictive game: CL-215 Firebomber

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Nov 27, 2001
Best score: 22708


The key is to slow down enough to fill your tank from the lake, then get as low and as slow as possible when you dump over the fire. Watch out for the d*mned flocks of birds!
I can fly real slow but I can't get any water..... Also how do you dump the water. This game sucks but I'm addicted.
You have to just skim the top of the water to pick up the water in the plane...your reserves of water are on the gauge. To dump the water hit the space bar.

21980....i'm going to bed.
You have to skim the water to fill up. Don't sink too low in the water or be going too fast, or you'll crash.

The space bar dumps the water.
Its a bitch to get that tank filled. I could not make it past two skims w/o crashing into the drink :( No super scooper for me.
once you guys start taking on water, do you need to speed it up? also, where do you have its airspeed at? the blue part of the airspeed indicator?
I have now managed a score of 10 (not 10K but 10 points). I knew not playing video games as a youngster was going to affect me.

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