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ACA interview

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Jan 15, 2002

I have read the gouge about ACA's interview and it does not sound like it is really anything much to worry about. The area I am somewhat concerned with is the SIM. What kind of sim is it?? Any tricks to making that sim work right?? I have an interview in four weeks and I want to make sure I can nail it right!


It's an AST300. Profile is pretty straight forward. Take off out of IAD. Get vectored around with climbs and descents. Issued holding instructions, usually at TILLE on ILS 01R at IAD. One time around hold then they clear you for the ILS. Fly to mins but you won't see anything so do the missed. On the missed they fail an engine. Just make sure you keep it upright and pull back the appropriate throttle and they freeze you in position. Sim over. Good luck!
I worked for ACA for over 6 years until I moved on to the big show at UAL. Anyway I also did some sim interviews at ACA back when we used the J-41 sim and J-32 sim.

Here are some pointers:

1. ATTITUDE, ATTITUDE and ATTITUDE....how you treat/act towards the SIM instructor plays a big role.

2. What they are looking for is someone who has the ABILITY to LEARN how to fly the sim the ACA way. In other words, we want basic IFR Stick and Rudder skills, but I want the chance to "TEACH" you something and see how quickly you LEARN it, this is the PAYOFF if we want to spend the bucks to teach you to fly F/O on the RJ. I was looking for someone who listens to my instructions and follows directions. I want to see a mistake and how you react to it, how you overcome it, and how you put the mistake behind you and move on with the sim eval.

3. Just remember, nobody is perfect! Keep a sense of humor, relax and fly the best you can. If you make a mistake ADMIT it and move on, if it is a BAD mistake correct it and put it behind you, ie wrong turn in holding etc....don't ruin the whole ride over a simple mistake.

I hope this helps! I really enjoyed my time at ACA, great people and I still have many friends flying the line. Good-luck!


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