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AA or Shamrock?

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DX Jake

Well-known member
Jan 6, 2006
I'm planning a trip to Ireland in early August. I'm planning out of ORD. I don't do the Non-rev thing on real trips. Just looking online AA is a little cheaper than Aerlingus. Any tips or recommendations on which airline to take with respect to entertainment or whatever. This isn't a flame post. I guess AA has the 763 and shamrock has the 333.

??? will take any suggestions.

P.S. Any tips for Ireland.

I'm already freaked out picturing driving on the left side as I read that Americans cause major accidents with that problem.
I have flown Aer Lingus for the past 10 years out of LAX/SFO and find the A330 more comfortable than the 767. I have also purchased coach tickets and when I check in I ask if there are any special upgrade fares available for premier class usually ($600-$700). It is wroth it for the overnight trip to DUB.
I would go AA....Aer Lingus is nothing but a low cost carrier now (actually the first national airline that is a low cost...service has really gone downhill...due to Ryanair). Be cautious on the first round about out of the airport, for the last few years it has been one of the most deadly places for Americans visiting Europe (if you driving).

P.M. me if ya want some tips, but start here www.discoverireland.ie
AA or Shamrock

When you land in DUB you have the following options:
· Dublin Heuston to Cork (south coast), Waterford (south east coast), Galway (west coast)
· Dublin Connolly to Wexford (east coast), Belfast (northern Ireland)

You can combine the train and car rental using Euro rail. All the major cites have local car rental locations close the major hotels and stations.

You can look for hotels or B&B at the Irish Tourist board web site.

I'm from Dublin and when I travel I always take the bus and train and rents cars locally when needed. The traffic in Dublin can be a nightmare in downtown and parking (forget about it)
I would highly recommend a rental car. It gives you absolute freedom to go where you want, when you want. You don't have to constantly look at train schedules, bus schedules, and nickel and dime yourself to death with public transport. And forget about those expensive cab rides. You'll be broke in no time.

DON'T rent the car when you get to Ireland, or use a a service to find you one.

You will save HUGE amounts of money by securing the reservation for the car here in the states first. You will pay almost 2-3 times as much if you make the reservation over there.

I just did an Orbitz search for DUB two minutes ago, and found cars for approx. $200 / week in August. ( A week from now you can pick one up for $119/wk all taxes and fees included. Off-season travel can save a lot of Bucks.))

I learned this lesson when I went to Belgium a few years back....Got a car for a WEEK for $89.00. If I had rented it over there the same car would have cost me almost $400.00.

Food for thought. Have fun and... Sla'inte !

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sounds childish, but I would never drive alone. always have someone sitting next 2 u to make sure you're not hitting anything/on the correct side of the road. You'll find when u lapse or things get stressful, you revert to your instincts (ie the wrong side of the road) and you'll need someone to tell you "get over!"

You'll find just as hard is that you now have the main part of the car you're driving on the opposite side now. make sure you get an automatic; gps is worth every penny.

try not to drive at night too much until you get used to it. again, all this sounds childish but many of the roads there are 300% more narrow and wined y....with 1000 year old earthen hedgerows on either side that dont give.

MAIN THING TO REMEMBER- UNLESS YOU ARE ON THE BIGGEST OF ROADS (ONLY A COUPLE OF THEM ON THE WHOLE ISLAND) DRIVING TIME IS VERY LONG. Whats normally a 3 hour daytrip to the cliffs of moehr from shannon takes litterally the whole day.

but enjoy it all. its an adventure. Just take this s-h-i-y seriously and dont be like matthew broderick.
THANKS for ALL the posts fellers. I truly appreciate it. All BS aside, I learned a lot of stuff from these posts, and will save A LOT of money because of you guys. Thanks. It's early and I've decided to rent a car (as I will be there bouts a week). I will do the insurance thing. I'm still undecided on the airlines, but am leaning towards AA simply for the price (and a guaranteed 2 seats together).

Thanks Again.

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