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AA may lose operating certificate in Feb....

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Mar 5, 2004
Rumor #1:

Big shake up in AA upper managment going on. There is a possibility (threat from the FAA) that AA will loose their operating certificate by February.

B. R. has done enough with destroying documents, the S80 debacle, Accidents and Incidents relating to AA maintenance. Either he leaves or AA will incur a huge fine and soon. Plus all Chiefs want Mr. Hetterman to leave.

Rumor #2: Gordon Bethune will be coming back in the spring 2010 to head up the UAL/CAL merger.

Delta will be going after Alaska or Jetblue.

AA (if still operating:), will have to go after USAir for the simple reason as to not lose to much market share to the other guys.
Bob Redding has been one step ahead of the Sheriffs at failed airlines. Look at what he did at Midway, and Air Florida too. Why would Hetterman leave because all the chiefs want him to leave....... They've wanted him to leave for years!!!!
Awesome rumors, I like it!

Losing an operating certificate is huge, and I highly doubt that would ever happen. The FAA doesn't have the power to shut down the 2nd largest airline in the world (I know they technically do, but not in reality). A big fine would hurt AMR, and is the most probable outcome...

Gordon Bethune out of retirement, wow! That would be juicy, maybe Herb will come back to SWA too. Does that mean AA gets Crandall?? Oh boy...

The USAir stuff has been floating around for a long time, but I bet they would do an asset acquisition as opposed to a complete merger. Maybe Dougie Parker will get a sweet upper level mgmt role at AMR.

I wouldnt be surprised if DAL attempted to scoop up Alaska. It will turn into a mini AA/DAL/JAL fight, except by that time AA wont have any money. Jetblue would be a toughie though, doesnt Lufthansa have a pretty big chunk of JB? Maybe UAL/CAL will get JB. That would fit with their alliance.
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Let's see, BA is prevented from going on a legal strike, and somehow the flag airline of the US is going to lose their license? Mmmm, probably not.
Alaska brings the entire West coast feed to DAL. Jetblue just does not have the same appeal.

Jet Blue would be VERY important to DAL. It would give them the real estate they need in NY (JFK) to expand their NY area market share. DAL is limited in the NY area due to a lack of real estate . They are desperately trying to grow in NY. Lufthansa's stake in Jet Blue will never let it happen. It is rumored that Lufthansa's purchase into Jet Blue was to prevent losing the real estate to a non Star Alliance partner. I thought Jet Blue is joining the Star Alliance soon... can someone please confirm.

Jet Blue is not as important as you think. Their terminal would be nice, but it would need extensive upgrades.

ALK is very important to DAL. That is where the food fight will be. AAI will be next.
Yup, you're right. The number one carrier from the NY metro area to Florida isn't really all that important...

You're right howerver about the terminal...the gates are not spaced for 75/767 size aircraft.
The yields on the markets that Jet Blue serves are not that good. Buy them to get rid of competition and WN comes in and draws down the yields again. Kind of pointless. Better to deal with one competitor that is established than to buy them and start dealing with a different one.

The terminal does not fit our needs. Not T-8 does! ;)

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