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AA hiring. Don't hold your breath

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Nov 27, 2001
For those of you hoping for a quick recovery for the airlines I am with you. For those of you hoping AA will hire again soon, forget it. This is the most recent official word from the manning department.

>>Date: 4/25/02
Recruitment Updates

Q: Realizing the pilot recruitment office is closed, is there a fax number or address a pilot who was scheduled to be in the Sep 17, 2001 class can send updates to his file? When AA's representative explained his class was canceled, she asked that he keep his information current with the company.

A: At the time we were making calls on September 13th to cancel the remaining classes, we didn't know the duration of the situation. Due to the fact that we have 695 pilots on furlough and are still losing $4-$5 million each day we don't anticipate spooling up hiring until 2004-2005, at the earliest. We were forced to shut down the pilot recruitment offices and have no one to process any updates.

When we begin recalling the remaining furloughees we will re-evaluate what the plans will be as far as hiring. Until then, we are not accepting updates.

Anne Evans
Director Flight Administration>>

Oh well.

Maybe by then I'll have enough time to qualify for a position! Anyone know what their minimus were prior to 9/11??? Anybody?
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Minimums were very high, typically 7000+ hrs with letters of recommendations.


Military pilots

On the old board, it was mostly military pilots or Eagle flow-throughs. A typical class might be 60% military, 20% Eagle flow-throughs and 20% for “everyone else”.

The 20% for “everyone else” were usually very qualified pilots. ie G-V, UPS and pilots from other Majors.

Good luck,
American did not allow LOR's you had to apply and pay $100 and hope for the best. Back when Cecil U. was there it was a LOR haven, but that stopped when he left.

Delta did allow LOR's, but all the airlines will be revamping their hiring I am sure.
I interviewed at AA in June. They tended to do most of their screening prior to the interview-- basically you werent called unless you were acceptable, or in other words it was yours to lose. I had heard they hired 80%.
Here is some better news though...

By David Nicklaus
Of The Post-Dispatch
The Associated Press Contributed To This Report.

American Airlines expects to recall more than half of its 9,000 furloughed workers by the end of this year, Chief Executive Donald Carty said Thursday.

Those workers include 1,235 flight attendants, pilots and ground workers in St. Louis. Some were laid off after American acquired Trans World Airlines Inc., and others lost their jobs after September's terrorist attacks.

In a speech at Washington University's Olin School of Business, Carty said the airline's downtown reservations center is back to full strength. "I believe the bad news here is largely behind us," he said.

Carty said he doesn't expect American to apply for the loan guarantees that the federal government offered after September's terrorist attacks. Airlines must apply for the loan guarantees by the end of June.

Carty said he expects two or three of the nation's nine major airlines to join America West Holdings Corp. in seeking the federal help. He said the aid would delay consolidation that's necessary for the airline industry to regain its long-term health.

"I don't know whether there will be four or five (airlines), but it's not as many as we have today," Carty said.

But with the government guaranteeing loans, he said, "No one's going to run out of cash, so no one's going to file for bankruptcy. The events of Sept. 11 have actually slowed down the process of airline consolidation."

Carty said, as he has in the past, that a St. Louis hub is important to American, and that the company wants to make it more attractive to travelers. He said the company is "engaged in a program to do a quick look at our existing terminal, and how we might enhance its look and operation and, in light of the current economic environment, do so for a relatively modest amount of money.

"Ultimately, we'll have to sort through the even longer-term issue of whether or not, and in what time frame, St. Louis really needs a new terminal."

Tentative pact reached

CHICAGO - United Airlines and the union representing 25,000 ground workers reached a tentative contract agreement Thursday after 28 months of negotiations, a spokesman for the carrier said.

The tentative settlement with the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers would give many of the carrier's baggage handlers and customer-service representatives their first raise since 1994, assuming they ratify the deal.

Reporter David Nicklaus:

E-mail: [email protected]
Aint that the truth!
Uhhhh, except for US Air.:D No one hired between '89 and '99. I feel for those guys who have 13 years in with them and are on the bubble. Let's hope things start getting better. Fly safe

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