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A&P Qualifications and Fortune 500

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Gander Nxxxxx Position...
Apr 3, 2003

A professional associate of mine just lost a position. I'm wondering what most Fortune 500 companies look for in a AMT. I understand this is a open-ended question, but I do appreciate serious input. I understand networking is 70% of acquiring a position, but what will make a candidate standout?(i.e., IA, college degree, aircraft specific school, management experience, etc.)
I would have to say appropriate experience on your resume for the position that you are applying for one. Also, being able to interview !! I have seen so many lose the chance at the position by blowing the interview. I suggest getting the book "check list for success". It is a pilot oriented interview book, however the last three that I have been on in the last two months had the same questions on it. I have not had much at all for technical questions as it would pertain to an AMT position as I have situational and ethical questions. These types of questions are in that book. It is not set up to memorize answers, but to get all your stories and experiences in order so you can flow through the interview. It helped me and it may help you. Good luck.
I would say all the above and add good letters of recomendations from people you have worked with. Maybe good personal refrences as well.

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