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A&P I.A. w 8172 tt 3154 jet pic and FE


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Feb 26, 2002
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Hey, I am probably like others here.

I have had my A&P and I.A. since the early 90's and been very experienced in maintenance on J-3 to L-1011 since I was 15 now 42 yrs old.

Jet engine overhaul (legally as repair) and inspection, rebuilding aircraft for insurance companies....(heavy sheet metal forming, heat treating fabrication, avionics installation, electrical, reciprocating flat engine and radial engine repair 985 to 4360)

Been commercially flying since 28 now with over 8172 total 4831 pic and 3154 jet pic with CL-65/850 pic type and 737 pic airline trained type not a type school as well DC8 FE and have been trying to find a job for 5.5 months and can't find one in ANY field including prison guard and have tried even Home Depot and no luck.

Any ideas? I live in KJAX / Jacksonville area and own a 5000 sq foot hangar with a complete aircraft shop I built myself on a county strip. No work there either.

I'm 23 to 30 dme from KJAX and KCRG/Craig KHEG/Herlong and KVQQ/Cecil as well as KSSI/Saint Simons and KBQK/Brunswick Jet port

Have only a $909 dollar mortgage on the house and $688 mortgage on the hangar. Can store a plane in the hangar as well.

Need to eat a little but I can find some soup somewhere.

I thought people would like having a A&P mechanic with Inspection Authorization that meets all mins pilot insurance wise.

Haven't seen that yet.

No kids so already tried to get a foreign job, but no luck there either.

Have an app out at every entity out there, most twice or more.

83 from the bottom at United and will be furloughed 9.3 years unless they drop any more aircraft and am ready to resign seniority or early leave bonds.

Sunday the 24th 2008 (912) 547-5477
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