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A decent steak in Kansas City

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Nov 25, 2001
I just returned from a two-day to Kansas City Downtown. The FBO sent us to a place called Hereford's on 20th street. It was a decent steak, but it was a little pricey for what we got, along with the fact that I asked for medium and was served a "rare".

For next time, is there a place in KC that you would recommend? Is there a better place on the Kansas side of the city?
Ruth Chris steak house, 700 W. 47th Street. It's in the middle of a very nice outside mall. (I think it's called The Plaza)

If you like BBQ, KC Masterpiece BBQ is in the same mall and is outstanding!!

Stay away from the KS side. I made the mistake of going over there a few weeks ago. Looks like a big slum and quite dangerous. (No offense to those that reside in KS)

When I used to go there (it's been a while), I think it was the Red Ox. Don't know how it is now. Also try Strouds for the greatest fried chicken and live blues piano. The help wear tee shirts that say "we choke our own chickens." Cool place.
I was living in Texas at the time and liked the arguments about who had the best BBQ, TX or KC. Well, as a native Tar Heel I can tell you we got pretty good stuff too. Tomato based sauce in the western part of the state, and spicy vinegar in the east . . . both good stuff. But you can forget that mustard based stuff they call bbq down in South Carolina, ugh.
MMMM ... steak ....

I LOVE a good steak, and KC is one of the best places in the country to get one! As you've discovered, good steaks are very rarely purchased on a budget. That explains why most of the good ones I've had are being expensed!

I ate at the Majestic in downtown KC when I was out there ... that was four years ago. The steak was excellent, but certainly not inexpensive.

Ruth's Chris has oustanding steaks, and good service, and they're a chain with restaurants in several cities. I ate at the one in Nashville about a year ago. Again, it won't be light on the wallet, but the food is just incredible.

Asking around at the FBO is a good way to get recommendations ... I did that in Orlando and got a couple of really good places to eat, that I never knew about ... and I lived in Florida for four years. I also recommend keeping a little list of some kind ... I have a file on my computer, sorted by city, that lists favorites ... preferred FBOs, good hotels, and restaurants. I look at the list before every trip, to remind myself about the good spots I know of, and when I get back, I will add any new items to it. I also put in activities available in places ... historical sights worth seeing, etc.

Whatever you do, stay away from McDonald's and Denny's on the layovers ... I consider a layover a perk of this business and I take maximum advantage. Find the good food, see the sights, take advantage ... I've used layovers as "scouting trips" for future vacations many times.

Happy hunting!


P.S.: My vote for best BBQ goes to Memphis ... go to Corky's for the dry ribs!
I'm actually from KC...

For steak, go to the Golden Ox, it is on Genessee (I think that is how it is spelled) near Kemper Arena where the old stock yards were. If you want some good BBQ, go to Gates. It is on Truman Road, I think. Gates is in the projects, but it is some **CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED** good BBQ. There is a place called Arthur Bryants, I'm not sure where that is, but it also has really good BBQ.

In summary: Steak = Golden Ox, BBQ = Gates or Bryants

If ever in Memphis you must go to Rondevous for ribs.
Im from the KC Area

There a a few good places for steak. If your on the KS side, in Johnson County, try the Longbranch Saloon. Kind of a bar atmosphere, but the steaks are GREAT. Near MKC, Sky's is a good place too. It sits ontop of a hotel, and roates. Pretty pricey though. The plaza has a lot of good steak places too, but they can be expensive. If you like bbq, try Fiorellas Jack Stack, which is on the Kansas side, in Overland Park.

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