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8710 fr

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Active member
Nov 26, 2001
hey everyone - i was wondering if anyone out there knew if you could copy the 8710 form to a palate form - i.e. that you could change the varibles. so if anyone knows of any templates to use, let me know ok? thanks.

I'm not entirely clear what you're asking, but I know at the school I used to work for, our general manager used acrobat to make an 8710 that we could fill out on the computer and print. Much better than a typewriter! You have to have the full acrobat, and not just the free reader
8710 form

yeah i knew that. i guess what i am trying to say is this: is there a FREE version where you can use the 8710 form on your computer, fill in the blanks, and print it off on your computer? i know some places are charging money for this, but i remember seeing somewhere an 8710 form template, for like office 2000 or something. it was really great. if i had been thinking of it at the time i would've saved me a copy to disk. oh well. if anyone knows any website that this is available, please let me know. thanks!!
The FAA has made this available to all designated examiners. Locally I know a DE who has the latest incantation and has placed it on computers at local schools. He requires that all applicants arrive with their 8710 on disk so that he doesn't have to type it in himself. Then at the conclusion of the exam, he can review it, and forward it electronically to Oak city for approval.

Check with your DE. They may be willing to let you make a copy.
pdf version

yeah i already knew about the .pdf version. i was just trying to save some time with these 8710 forms. if the feds have the 8710 form in a "workable" format - i.e. not just being able to only print an 8710 form and type or print on that hardcopy - then why would it not be available on the faa.gov website somewhere?

guess i'll have to continue looking. thanks to all for your help.
This will help you out. It's an 8710-1 in Microsoft Word format. Just install it in your Microsoft Word Template folder, and you can fill it in and print it out anytime you want from Word. I used it for my checkride, and it looks great. Enjoy!

You can find it at: http://wannamaker.org/aviation/8710/
You have got to be kidding me - this is exactly what I've been looking for. So far most of the people I've tried to explain this to have either (a) had quizical looks on their faces, (b) willing to kill their own mothers for this, or (c) a combination of both. Thanks for your help!!!

Glad I could be of assistance. I too found all kinds of 8710's in pdf format, but I don't like dealing with pdf documents, so I searched until I found this in Word format. It works like a champ.

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