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8 more 737's in 2nd Q For SWA!!!

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Still Lucky as Hell
Apr 6, 2002
I don't see how adding 8 aircraft during the 2nd Q is going to hurt our chances as poolies. I think it sounds like pretty good news for all of us!!!:D

Not doubting it for a second, but where'd you get this tidbit of golden info.

Here it is:

"During first quarter, we took delivery of six new Boeing 737-700
aircraft, increasing our fleet to 359 Boeing 737 aircraft, net of two 737-200
retirements. These six aircraft were part of the 19 aircraft deliveries
deferred last fall. Additionally, we have announced that we will be placing
at least eight more of these previously deferred aircraft into service and
retiring one Boeing 737-200 aircraft during second quarter 2002.

This report came from KLJ's post http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/m...TE=Apr+18,+2002

Good news indeed!!
Fiscal or Calendar

Just curious is that fiscal 2nd quarter or Calendar 2nd quarter?

Listening to the conference this morning, that was 6 737's delivered during the first qtr. and 8 more getting delivered during the 2nd qtr. (not sure if that's fiscal or calendar). That will be a total of 14 new aircraft for 2002.

In 2003, 5 new aircraft coming with firm orders for 13 more, making 18 new aircraft for next year.

This is currently what they're planning and as we all know this can change.

Let's hope the company grows at a greater rate than what they're planning for....don't they usually do this anyway?!!?

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for a second I thought I was drowning here in this pool.........been in the pool for going on five months now don't know how much more of this yellow water I can swallow.........

is that a Baby Ruth bar I see over there?
To clarify on the number of aircraft "announced" so far to enter service. The company has already announced the entry of the additional 8 aircraft into the system for the 2nd quarter. The total number of aircraft remaining from '01 is 5 aircraft. The origianl number of aircraft was 19 for this timeframe (Sept '01-Dec '02) So far 14 of 19 aircraft are either in service or have been announced to be put in service. This occurred when they announced new routes from MDW-SEA, MDW-OAK, MDW-LAX a month or so ago. What they haven't done is account for when/where the other 5 aircraft will be used or when they will come on line. Just wanted to get the correct info.

While the news today is good & promising since we made money in the toughest quarter in the history of the airline industry (even without gov. money) I realize it doesn't put bread on the table or pay the bills for those waiting. Patience is easy to have when one has a job, my prayers are with you & your families. Continue to put your effort & ability toward finding a flying job that will pay something. Nothing earth shattering but the effort you put into that NOW & the diligence you show in your flying NOW will be strong evidence to SWA when the time comes for your interview to demonstrate your committment to the airline industry & desire to fly. That says alot to the interviewers. Good luck & God Bless.


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