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787 Flight Deck Unveiled

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Do you think there will be a system such as Gulfstreams EVS? I suppose the airlines won't really need that if they are already CAT III approved, but I'm sure it would still be a good thing to have.
Does it have a lav and coffeemaker/microwave this side of the secure door, or do they have to brave the terrorists outside the door?
At least they finally ditched the baby sh#t brown that they have embraced in so many of their aircraft of recent.
KigAir said:
The first time I read this I thought it said electronic air bags.

Same here. hahaa

One of my instructor's former students stopped by the field recently in her brand-new Skylane.... she's like, "Yeah, it's got the G1000 and 13 sumps and leather seats and AIR BAGS!!"

My instructor was like, "What the hell for?"

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