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787 Cockpit WOW

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Hmmm, that flight deck looks surprisingly similar to my Metro I'm flying.... shouldn't be hard at all to transition (especially to the paycheck!)
Flechas said:
It looks just like our 145XRs!!!

Except for the gay seats, the overhead panel, the HUD's, the electronic chart bags, the center pedestal, the VMO on the airspeed PFD. Did I miss something?
When is Boeing going to get rid of the cumbersom, bulky, and space limiting controll column? They need to get with the program and make these long range aircraft more comfortable for the flight deck crew. I know it would be hard to do, but they should swallow their pride and admit that Airbus has the right idea with the side stick.
New Technology ???

Pretty much looks like the EASY cockpit I fly and with the Dassault 7X coming along with fly by wire and a side stick maybe a little outdated (-_-).

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