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737 Type Question

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Active member
Jan 16, 2002
Just got the call today from SWA for a Feb interview. Great news for sure, but now I need to get that 737 type. I have about 900 hours in the 737 as an FO. Last flew the plane a couple of months ago. Are there any alternatives to one of the "type schools" that might cost a little less and take less time. Or is it better to just pay the bucks and make sure I get the right training to easily pass the type ride?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
recently saw aeroservices in miami offers an abbreviated course for those with time in type. Around $5595 or so...a good thousand below market.

Recently did 727 pc at aeroservices. Checked out 737 sim on behalf of buddy getting type. Looked ok. SP-77, so nothing special-- depends on the 200 you are flying. -15 powered sim. Aeroservices has always done me well (contract sim time, and some interaction with their sim instructors).

I wonder about the CW that "if you get your type from XYZ...." Maybe it works, but unless so and so from XYZ is writiing me a letter of rec, I wonder.
737 type

Did mine at Aeroservice, in Miami.
Classes of 4 to 6 guys. good program. 2 weeks program (no time on 73). Get the books a few days prior if you can. I didn't. As you know there is an abreviated program for you.
Good people, good sim, good columbian coffee what more do you need?
Have fun; the SWA interview is a good experience. just be yourself.
Good luck.
I had a great experience with Flight Training International. They use United sims in Denver and use United, American, Frontier and Southwest pilots as Instructors. They were very knowledgable on Southwest's programs. Also, I tried to get into some of the bigger schools sooner but because their sims were booked for weeks it looked like I was going to lose positions in the SWA pool. I called FTI and they had plenty of time availiable because UAL is not using the 737 sims as much. Shari set me and another furloughed pilot up in a special class of two on our own schedule. Call them at (303) 329-0999
Hope this helps

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