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$600,000 to spend...

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Wacky and Waving
Mar 22, 2004
I noticed a similar thread in this forum. I need some opinions what you could get for $600,000, the buyer would like to use the A/C for business and for his own personnel use. Requirements would be 6 - 8 seats and a lav. Trips would mostly be in the south TX region with an occasional out of state flight.


You can buy a Cheyenne II, Merlin IIIB, or E-90 with mid time engines or better for this amount.

Try a 20 series Lear Jet. Don't worry about the lav, you will not be in the air long enough for it to matter.
I'd go with several hundred block hours of charter, if that's the budget. Find a reputable operator.
6 to 8 seating with a lav sounds like a Hawker to me, Nice airplanes but to buy an older one, around 3 million, I could be wrong, yes the maintenace has to be taken into consideration, hanger or not, last time my boyfriend flew a hawker, 350,000 for a required check at Elliot.

The T-bone is an older airplane within your budget and heard you can find one, don't know if it has a lav. Eclipse sells planes for 1 million not too much more than what you have in your budget or just buy the slot and then sell it, you could make money on this deal. Check all possible deals! check every website, and heard you can now buy a 727 sitting out in the desert for maybe 250,000 to 300,000, there is also a website for bidding on aircraft as low as 5 bucks the last time I looked at it.

buy a hawker, may be your best bet!

Good luck

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