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6 seat piston for under 100K? advice pls

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Seeing the light
Nov 27, 2001
I have a student who wants to buy a 6 seat AC to 1. learn to fly in and 2. eventually fly his family around in

anyone done this? I'm an MEI, if he gets a twin I've got 5 hours in, can I do all his training and satisfy his insurance, or will he not be able to even buy/insure a plane like this?

advice is appreciated
Cherokee 6 260 or 300.......shouldnt be TOO tough to insure........and will sure haul a load......probobly just under the 100k mark
A cessna 206 or 210 should do. Could find a good one for under 100k. Cessna 310's usually go for about the same as the 210's
Cherokee Six 300 would be my choice. I flew one for a couple of months, and it's one of the few true 6 placers out there. It can haul a ton. Even the more modern 6 seaters like the Saratoga and A36 can't touch it in terms of hauling ability. I only saw 135 knots on a good day, though.

If your student can only afford 100K, I'm not sure he'd want to spend the money maintaining a twin that costs less than that. You can get 6 in an Aztek for under 100K, but it won't be a very nice one, and it'll probably send him to the poor house in very little time. This is before you start talking insurance, etc...
The Cessna 205's go for a lot less than the 206. Basically the same plane but with an IO-470.
cool thread...i have a friend that want's to do the same thing. said he prefers a twin, but i told him he was smoking crack, stick with a high-perf single (for $$$ reasons). i'm also interested to see what sort of feedback you get here.
T-tail lance, good load (around 1000 lbs full fuel I think), good speed (150kts), T-tail has bad reputation (not deserved in my opinion) so it can be had for a good discount. Good luck, -Bean
PA 32-300

I owned a six for several years. Sorry I sold it. Almost 1700 pounds usefull load (0 fuel). She had tip tanks and could fly longer that I could. Never had a problem loadin her up. If I bought another aircraft, it would deffinitely be another Six! You can get them for well under 100K. ;)
The Lance is a nice plane, and Beantown is right - the t-tail has an undeserved reputation. It increases the takeoff and landing distances a little, but unless you're operating out of some VERY small airfields, it's not much of a problem. Just don't treat the thing like a Warrior and you'll be fine. Trim is your friend.

The problem is that most halfway decent Lances are just a bit over the 100K mark. Usually around 110-140K or so. That kind of cash will buy a primo Six and fuel for quite some time.

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