$30K to get a job at Mesa? WTF?



Here is a post from the Mesalounge about one of their pilots who spent $30K on a CRJ type rating! What a moron!

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[FONT=verdana,arial,helvetica]Be very careful with RAA[/FONT] [FONT=verdana, arial, helvetica]I am an RAA graduate. My question to you is this, what part of their program are you getting involved in? I went through their program from instrument to commercial and then got my type rating in the CRJ. Remember, they are just a flight school making lots of promises so they can keep their planes in the air. Once you sign a contract with them your sunk. No way out. My type rating at CAE cost me about $30,000.00. Any extra sessions you take beyond the 7 they give you are at $600.00 an hour. And you will probably not do it in 7. I just hate to see you get suckered into spending money you don't have to. RAA program is O.K. but remember...they're not in business to get you a job, they're in business to make money.[/FONT]


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Mar 9, 2004
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BR549 said:
Here is a post from the Mesalounge about one of their pilots who spent $30K on a CRJ type rating! What a moron!

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That's pretty messed up. He should have gone through MAPD's PACE program which 'only' costs around $12k...



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Jan 14, 2004
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Any idiot that spends money on a CRJ type rating so they can work for a regional probably should have failed the checkride for a "lack of judgement".


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Feb 13, 2005
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BR549, you have to remember not everyone is as cool/smart as you. Apparently this guy was just trying to give some advice on his experiences and steering others from making the same mistake. Why go post this on here just to take shots at somoene who was trying to help others? What's your story, did something strike a little too close to home, or are you just insecure about yourself like so many others on these boards? You know... distract everyone by pointing out someone else's flaws so that they won't notice all of yours. Waaaaay too many jackasses in this industry... or at least on these boards.

Oh, and no, before you accuse me... I've never done PFT. I did the whole CFI/135 thing like many others. I don't agree with some of these things either, but geez... get a life!