2013 AQP Training

Mickey Mouse

Soli Deo Gloria
Jan 22, 2013
Total Time
I just spoke with a friend who had training two weeks ago. She shared some training information with me regarding some focus items this year.

-There is a strong focus on MX procedures and documentation. For example, items deferred but not on release, or items on release but not in can. Any MX before takeoff should be coordinated and documented properly. Read the FOM
-There is also a focus on CDR procedures (Coded Departure Routes). We received a bulletin on this last year and a Tech briefing. The Tech Briefing is under the documents tab. Hunt for it. It’s dated June 2012 under CRJ, not that gay little ERJ thing.
-GEN Fail in flight, APU is second GEN for CAT2, if needed
-FLAP FAIL caution and MX reset procedure
-FMS deferral, green needle flight with Holding along the route, review all holding entries, hold timing for altitude, wind correction, Use of NAV Sector page on FMS is recommended. Calculate descents without FMS to meet alt restrictions.
-Runway changes and CDR issuance, check fuel needed, re brief legs on FMS, re run before takeoff check, make sure you have numbers and reset t-off speeds if needed.
-GEAR Disagree in flight. Run QRH and recycle gear until it drops. Follow the damn QRH fool.
-CAT 2 approach procedures, and ILS PRM procedure, Attention all users page, No CAT 2 to ATL 26R
-OIL PRESS warning message in flight, Engine Shutdown not required under certain conditions, read the damn QRH carefully, fool.

This information is reliable but don’t take my word for any of this, prepare for anything.