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2010 Sportsman Knowns

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Sep 22, 2002
What do you think about the 2010 Sportsman knowns? A clover? Probably need to go to judging school to know how it's judged. I'm a judge and don't know how to judge it much less how to fly it properly.
All the criteria for judging the quarter clover is in the rule book on page 8-9 and 8-10.
specifically 8-10 since it's a 1/4 down clover." For the Family 0.2 quarter-clover, the first half loop up is like the first half of a 7.5.1.
Immediately upon completing the first half loop, the aircraft must begin a constant rate quarter roll
such as to reach upright, wings-level horizontal flight at the bottom of the second half loop.
The looping segments in both figures must be wind corrected to maintain a constant radius,
therefore the start and finish altitudes must also be equal. The penalty for varying the rate of roll in the
quarter-clover figure is one (1) point per variation.
Guess I should have looked in the rule book. Will still be interesting. Judges can't see the second half radius (loop) that good, but can see the roll rate very well. Hope the chief judge briefing (on this clover) will be the same at all contest.
Good to see most 45's going up and a cross box maneuver, but strange for sportsman to have no hesitation roll and the loop being a clover.
Im to broke to be an IAC member anymore... anyone want to fill me in on the sequence?
To the 8KCAB drivers, the clover needs to be in the upwind half of the box, dont drive to long between 5 and 6, push after the roll on 6 make it steep, be sure to put 8 at the upwind side as much as possible so you have room for the DOWNWIND goldfish. oh ya if you can work it out make the cross box to the judges so you can kick left and up wind on the hammer.

The Super D is a sportsman machine, you just have to make it LOOK right.
What im saying is kicking into the wind is the best if you can do it. Also I think flying to the judges in the cross is the best because it puts you closer as you get lower. So, Like I say if you can, fly the cross to the judges and kick into the wind. The wind(say the wind is right to left and has a "to the judges" componet, it may not be wise to fly the cross any other direction than away.),the plane (sukhoi or extra), where you are in the box, and the pilot (can you kick right in a 8KCAB and make it look good), are all factors here.
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Im to broke to be an IAC member anymore... anyone want to fill me in on the sequence?

I have the sequences and video (guick and dirty) of Primary - Intermediate flown in the Super D on my site. Click on the aerobatic contest link. www.dcaerobatics.com

Haven't gotten around to flying advanced sequence yet, but will post when I do.


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