135 jet FO checkout?


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Feb 21, 2002
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I've read the regs, but am a little in the dark about how a 135 checkout on say ... a CE500 (2-pilots req by op spec) ... is actually conducted. Can the operator develop his own written material and tests (complying with regs of course) and train on the aircraft exclusively? Does an FAA DE ride up front for the 135 flight portion (this would mean the DE must be typed and current) or do they observe from the back?

Can someone provide a little detail? How does your company do it (assuming your company is also 135 in addition to 91).



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Nov 28, 2001
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An operator can do their own training but it has to be approved by the operator's POI. A company check airman or a Fed can do the checkride and you are correct the Fed or check airman have to be qualified (this means typed) but 135 currency is not required since the check ride is conducted under Part 91

A Fed can also ride in the jump seat and observe if the SIC is doing the check ride with a qualified PIC in the left seat. I believe the Fed still needs to be qualified in the a/c he is giving the checkride in even if they dont occupy a pilot station but I am not sure about this. Maybe someone else can confirm

The more common way is Simuflite or Flightsafety as the cost of the a/c for training and the checkride can be close to the cost of sim training.


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Mar 20, 2002
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I believe based on my experience as a checkairmen (boy does that sound pompus), that the Fed only needs to be current/qualified if it is an initial "checkairman" observation, meaning the Fed rides in back and watches the checkairman, or the Fed is conducting the checkride and acting as a required crewmember. I don't believe they like to ride in the back unless a qualified checkairman is up front.

The operator can develop and customize all profiles, procedures, checklists, training materials, tests and manuals subject to the FAR's, AFM and their POI's approval. As far as the 135 testing is concerned it is spelled out in 135.293, 135.297 and 135.299. However, to get the FAA's policy/interpretation of the actual minimum required maneuvers you need to consult
Order 8400.10, Air Transportation Operations Inspector’s Handbook. FIGURE
PART 135 CHECKING MODULES. If you have access to a Summit aviation CD it is all in there. It may also be available at the FAA's web site.

They can also do all the training in the aircraft. However, if turbine aircraft are operated, most insurance companys require some sort of simulator based training be conducted. Usually it is cheaper to do the sim training than cope with the higher insurance rates without it.