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1% giving 99% of us a bad name...

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Jun 25, 2002
Why must there always be a$$hats in a group?

Not just occasional a$$hats but 100% grade A, prime cut, economy sized a$$hats.

In to one of the busier east coast bizjet ports this afternoon, got in line and placed my fuel order. Then raided the icebox and vending machine for the trip home.

As I'm walking out the door a young lineman approaches a pilot and asks him if he is crewing the whizz bang sky rocket parked next to the fuel truck.

He was, so the lineman kindly asked him if he could watch him and make sure he was fueling it correctly, because his supervisor was currently tending to a problem and unable to assist.

This a$$hat more or less lost it. When off on the kid.

I think the only thing that changed the a$$hats mind about not wanting to make sure the plane was fueled correctly was the crowd of us looking at him like the cat just dragged him in from the pond out back.

I've never seen anyone fly off the handle because a lineman wanted them to double check their fueling procedures on an unfamiliar airframe.

You sure it wasn't Rez-O? His union rules probably don't permit it.
Well, I have never worked at a dept. where unsupervised fueling was even allowed, nevermind insisted upon! We always require a crewmember to be present...which is common sense anyhow since the APU is usually running.

Also, experience has taught me to assume that line guys are 100% incompetent, 100% of the time. They prove otherwise? terrific!

If Joe Jerkoff pilot (not uncommon at all) didn't want to keep an eye on the servicing he could have simply asked the guy to wait until the supervisor was available.

He's the same type of guy who blames the line guy when something goes very wrong.....and that $hit dosen't go far for any bosses I have worked for. Sounds like your stereotypical angry, abused, low-end corporate/charter pilot.

So be it, cant fix stupid.
I wish it were only 1%. I would put it at more like 25%. I see this behavior all the time.

This is the same guy who will blame the line guy for not getting the fuel cap on correctly, or failing to re-hook the tow pin.

The line crew at our airport can not understand why we refuse to leave the fueling valves open like the other Hawker operators, so they can fuel it before we get there. Really?!?! Uh.... NO!
You got to be sh*tting me! Some operators leave the refueling valves open on the Hawker so the jet can be refueled without the crew being there? Anyway this toolbox who went off on the line kid is more common than you think. I have seen it and asked the guy what was his problem. Of course I got no answer, but maybe he will think twice about making himself look stupid in public. Typical weak d*ck, erectile dysfuntional a**bite. Too many of them in our profession.
Full of himself

You sure it wasn't Rez-O? His union rules probably don't permit it.
That is funny. But you have to remember he was a pilot, the most important person in the world, a person responsible for safety and protecting lives under his care. Why I bet he had a college education where he developed the maturity and skills needed to function in today’s society. A person like that must be treated with utmost respect and deference. Why he probably got into flying for recognition, prestige, and respect and is only experiencing disappointment, so he had to take out on the line man. This just proves anyone can fly an airplane. BTW Thanks TMMT for an aviaiton related post
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Unfortunately there are some of us out there who happen to think we're better than the mere mortals who service our aircraft and take care of all the details that allow us to fly it. I've never understood how some people think they're better than others just because of what they do. A toilet scrubber deserves the same kind of respect as a ceo of a big corporation. I treat all people well until they treat me poorly.
I think that the fact that I worked the line while I was paying for my ratings 25 years ago helps prevent me from behaving like this, but as stupidpilot said, it has more to do with common courtesy and respect.

We have a brand new line guy at our fbo now. He is trying hard, but occasionally makes mistakes. Yesterday he drove off and left the single point door open and the cap hanging. I simply went and got him and showed him what he did. I did not yell at him, call him names or try to demoralize him. When he seems curious, if I have time, I take a moment to teach. It does not take any more effort to be nice than it does to be a jerk.
I think it's sort of like that "greenhorn" effect on Dangerous catch - anyone beneath you or "new" has to catch a rash of crap. My boss (who it sounds was this guy in the FBO) pisses more people off when he walks in to a FBO or maintenance facility. He is obviously trying to compensate for his shortcomings by knocking people down.

You are right on - the 1% make a ton more work for the rest of us trying to clean up and repair the ********************storm that they have created.

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