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03/02 UAL info ?

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Bye Bye !!!
Nov 28, 2001
I am trying to figure out without much success when and how many more pilots will be let go in March or ? Oh, there are the usual rumors however for planning purposes, these are vague at best. I know that management now only is required to give 2 weeks notice, for planning I would like to have a better idea of how many and when.

I am in the same boat as you. I keep calling the info lines daily but not much is being said in regards to the March 1st layoffs.
It would be nice to know either way. I am just hoping for another extention or some kind of deal with the union.

Seems like loads have been picking up lately. Hopefully they can either raise prices or add flights soon.

I can feel the anxiety in your posts. The LEC meetings are taking place this week, and the C12 had there's yesterday with Jack Crieghton answering questions. I have to give the guy a lot of credit to stand up there and try answer many tough questions for a man that is commanding the post for less than a 100 days. he was acompanied by Montie Brewer too.

The question regarding further cuts came up and again was answered with it will depends on the market and its fluctuations that will determine an exact number, but the overall theme was it is going to be as planned, and that number is targeted at the 1800-2000 number. This is sad to see the airline drop from over 10,000 pilots to possibly be around the 8,000 mark. These gentleman were informed about the spool up, and down time in training issues along with the trickle effect it has on fleet, seat, and domicile. But again, it sounds like the company is going to shrink to the point that they can try to be profitable again. This is not the best news, but I am not going to sugar coat anything I hear and try to stick with facts. These are there words, and hopefully things in the airline market will turn around, but untill they do this is the strategy.

The possibility of recalls and future hiring is being offset each month as UAL sinks into a further mess with the Unioin issues it has to contend with. There simply is a mountain of troubles facing this company and it is going to take every employees effort to make sure that UAL is giving the best product to its customers. In-flight I think needs to take a hard look at how they interact with the customers and make sure they are giving there all to keep the customers coming back. So for those of you still flying the unfriendly skies, I hope you are reminding everyone of this.

Good luck, I know many pilots these days looking into the backup plan, re-finnancing homes, selling off a car or truck! It is certainly a bad time for all of us. Also, the MEC has set up a furlough hardship fund, which is vouluntary so be generous, you never know when you might be using those funds.

fly safe,

Well, I've decided to return to flying matte grey metal instead of the polished grey and blue I loved so briefly. Best of luck to those still on the property...I know it can't be a lot of fun going to work these days. I've stuck a UAL sticker on my headset so I can keep you folks in mind while I see how close to retirement I can get before the recall letter arrives. Fly safe, ladies and gentlemen.
Go to the Skynet page. Once there, look under Flight operations, then find FAQ. There is a black and white statement from Steve Forte that answers the question pretty point blank. It jives with what Creighton said.


I would like to read that letter, however
furloughees are locked out of Skynet.

If it is not too much trouble, could you
send me a copy in private message.

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