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YUL Last Night

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Big Member
Oct 31, 2003
Was anyone up in little Paris last night? A rain shower went through right before we landed and the runway was like a sheet of ice. I've never seen anything like it. The surface is kinda half-way grooved, but apparently extremely uneffective. Anyone else left scratching their heads after comming in?
i landed in YUL recently. light rain shower had just passed. we were #1 for landing and Air Canada behind us on approach asked for a braking action report. i was surprised by this query. afterall, it just a light rain on the field.

but as we landed i applied brakes (i prefer to not use thrust reverse unless needed) and the friction was very sketchy. so i throw in thrust reverse to stabilize it.

i wonder if it's grooved at all. maybe they did a recent resurface. heads up whenever a 'local' pilot asks a seemingly strange question...
Runway? Braking action? Huh?

I was at the Ramada Inn in YUL last night and the place was filled with over 100 HOT! babes. The Miss Hawaiian Tropic: Canada contest is being held and all the contestants were frolicking around the hotel. Kind of made the $CA8.50 draft beer in the hotel bar worth the money.

....eagerly awaiting tonights frolicking.....

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