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You Fedex guys and gals take a look...

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Active member
Jan 10, 2002
The following e-mail is being sent out to our brothers and sisters in other ALPA councils. You FEDEX folks might want to pay attention. Union busting can come from both directions. Are you guys bigger than Delta, United, Northwest? Remember ALPA is big business just like ENRON was.

RE: Emery Worldwide Airlines / ALPA Council 110 Custodianship

We've been asked to contact our brothers and sisters in ALPA to forward some information and ask a favor.

The short version is, that effective 1900 EST Jan 17th our MEC was dismissed and ALPA took over our MEC under the provisions of Article 21 of the ALPA bylaws. This is all well and good, but is now 5 days later on Jan 22nd and we have yet to hear from the custodian or the now head of our Council 110, Capt. Duane Woerth.

The favor I ask is to post on the ALPA intranet this message, or one in your own words, asking Capt. Woerth why our MEC and therefore 502 crewmembers of Council 110 have been abandoned. The reason we are unable to post there is that without any prior notice we were denied access to the alpa.org intranet.

It is beyond the scope of this e-mail to explain the entire situation. We have been in Federal Arbitration for several months over the shutdown and still have grievances pending. The company is still operating, still has a certificate and is contracting the lift to several contractors; a couple of them our union brothers. The end of our contract has yet to be negotiated and we are completely in the dark as to any course of action now that our MEC is unable to provide us with information. Our unemployment is about to run out and many of our members have lost their houses, sold personal items and are bare of any type of insurance.

If I could go from my lofty position as a captain with Emery to being a captain at another ALPA carrier, that would solve the problem, but is not attainable. My considerable ALPA negotiated income has come to an abrupt halt, and now my duly elected MEC is unable to address the issues. Many of you have been there yourselves.
This attempt at 'union busting' makes Frank Lorenzo look like a 'fairy princess'

More details and history of the situation may be found at the following website and web pages.

A message forum exists at
http://pub19.ezboard.com/bboxhaulersplace where more information and comments may be found.

If you would rather not forward this e-mail, please look at the cover of the November/December Airline Pilot magazine. I am hoping that not only will you post on the ALPA intranet, but that you forward this e-mail and ask your other brothers and sisters in your own organization to post.

Many thanks for your understanding,

Larry L. Cheshire
Captain (ex) Emery Worldwide Airlines

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