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Yet ANOTHER question for Comair guys

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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
Hello to all. I'm currently in the pool at Comair happily awaiting my start date. I'm going to be getting married in a few months so I have to ask the question...how many days off do you typically get in a month. What about vacation days? Any during the first year? I know they told us a lot of this stuff before the interview but it's been awhile. Obviously I'm asking this stuff because the real question is how many nights a month am I going to see my wife? Would that number increase significantly if I chose to live in Cincy versus commuting? I know it's the nature of the profession to be gone a lot...I just want to make sure she knows what she's in for. Thanks for all the info!

You'll have 11 days off per month, effective 1 Jul 02. I don't have the contract in front of me, so forgive any errors.

You'll receive one block of four days off and one block of three days off. Those are hard days which the company may not move. The remaining days are soft days off meaning the company may move those at their convenience.

If you live in the CVG area, reserve is better than reserve while commuting...been there, done that! If you don't fly, at least, you're home. If you commute, you waste a lot of free time. In addition, if you're in a Guard/Reserve unit, you'll use a lot of that time for drill, AFTPs, etc.

When on reserve, you'll have a window. They are labeled A1-A8. The A1-A5 windows are 14 hours long. My window is A6, which is 10 hours. The A7 window is six hours long. I had that window the past two months and flew a total of 16 hours. I have 20 hours this month. The A8 window is four hours. I never had it. BTW, the company provides the pager.

If at all possible, I recommend living in the CVG area, especially while on reserve. Living in the area relieves a lot of stress when it comes to commuting, the family, etc.

Fly safe!
If you want to spend alot of time with your wife, then being on reserve and living in Cinci is the best way to do it. I got off IOE two weeks ago and have flown once since. Even that was an out and back so I was home before my wife got home from work. If you are going to spend alot of time sitting on your arse waiting for the phone to ring you might as well be at home.
Thanks guys! What about vacation? Anything about that in the contract? Also...if I wanted to spend a lot of my reserve time flying with the Guard, how cooperative is the company?

Time off for the Guard is not a problem. I have given the company short notice on several different ocassions and haven't had a problem. If you use government leave (GL), you'll loose 3.75 hours from your gaurantee (75 hours) for each day. If you commute, you can make that work to your advantage. I did.

Vacation time is earned at the rate of three hours per month. A week's vacation is paid at 21 hours. Pay for trips missed is not allowed in the contract. After five years, we get 5.25 hours per month and 7.0 hours per month after 10 years. Vacation will be taken in one week blocks.

Good luck...fly safe!
Guard flying during training

It was difficult doing the guard thing during training. The weekends are the only days off. Its hard to commute on Fridays since class usually doesn't end until 16:30 and lots of fights are full. I was told I would have to roll back a class if I missed anything. Once you finish the sim its very easy to take government leave. good luck
one more thing

If you have concerns about time off to get married, just let the chief pilot or the director of training know and they will work with you. They will go out of their way to help out.
Just wanted to say that Comair sounds like a "sweet A$$ sweet company to work for..can't wait to start training"

Its Friday, and time to go...Happy Happy Hour everyone!!!!
"If you have concerns about time off to get married, just let the chief pilot or the director of training know and they will work with you. They will go out of their way to help out."

I too am concerned about getting married. I'm in the pool so looking forward to a July-whenever class, and I'm wanting to get married sometime next spring break probably. If I talked to the above mentioned people, would I be able to get a day off during a busy vacation time like spring break before someone else? I'll probably have enough vacation time, but I definitely won't have the seniority so we're having a really hard time setting a date.
What do you guys think?

Most pilots I know bid to get the days off they need. If that doesn't work and they have a good reason the Chief Pilots almost always authorize you to take personal time off (w/o pay). I know several newhires that have gotten married and they all took personal leave. You can do the same thing to move too. Getting time off for major personal events isn't a problem but sometimes it may be on your own nickel.

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